Düderi Paint and Chemicals Industry Trade Limited Company

Düderi Masterbatch; Our founder Ahmet Düderi joined the business world in 2006 as ADK Plastik with its productions in the field of additives.

Our company, which increased the sector and target in 2011, started to serve you, our valued customers, in 81 provinces of Turkey as Düderi Boya. While Düderi Boya targets every province of Turkey, it has also started to send its products to other countries in line with international demands, thus making great contributions to the country's exports.

Düderi Boya, which is not limited to catalog colors in the sector with a wide product range, has meticulously developed many products in every desired color and feature in its laboratories and has increased the color scale of the sector and its customers.

While the company's headquarters is located in İzmir 2nd Industrial Zone, in 2020, it started to serve in the Kemalpaşa region on İzmir Turgutlu Road.Düderi Boya family aimed to provide service in the desired color and quality with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and machinery in its new production site, and it succeeded. Each day; It will continue to respond to the demands of the market and develop itself and its sector by following the knowledge, increasing experience and technological developments.

Düderi Masterbatch: ‘Every color is special.’

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Düderi Boya


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